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On The Go Fit offers Stretching & Recovery packages to help you alleviate sore muscles, prevent potential injury, and improve both your mobility and posture. These packages include various stretching techniques designed to decrease inflammation and increase healthy aging.

Percussive + Active-Assisted Therapy Sessions

These sessions include the use of hypervolt products as well as active-assisted stretching led by a certified stretch therapist. You have the option to focus on one muscle group for a 25-minute session or have your stretch therapist work on your full body in a 50-minute session. 


  • Increase Mobility and Range of Motion

  • Relieve Muscle Tension and Eliminate Knots

  • Decrease Muscle Soreness

  • Improve Recovery Time

Compression Therapy Sessions

​These sessions include the use of TheraBody RecoveryAir JetBoots. We offer 30- or 60-Minute Sessions


  • Boosts circulation and lymphatic drainage

  • Reduces delayed onset muscle soreness

  • Decreases swelling and stiffness

  • Relieves muscle fatigue

  • TruGrade Technology™ provides safe, precise application of pressure

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